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Your ankle and foot have 24 bones, over 30 joints, and over 100 muscles and ligaments.

When something goes wrong it goes wrong badly. Old injury can overload and break, tear or stretch any of these structures causing acute and even chronic symptoms that manifest day after day, year after year–

Floppy and/or weak ankles, compartment syndromes, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, decreased jumping ability due to old calf strains, just a general sense of “my feet and ankles feel weak.” But you have been there and done everything you are supposed to do and it isn’t working!


Are you tired of “traditional” care?

Ice, rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, rehabilitation, e-stim, massage, needling, etc…


Maybe that’s worked for you, but if it hasn’t…


Don’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Your “wheels” aren’t right and it’s affecting your ability to do what you love. Do something different and get hard-hitting, fast, long-lasting results at Parker Muscle Clinic. Restore your God-given abilities of strength, stamina, and stability.


We do things differently and expect immediate results.


If your tissue integrity is good and you have been down the road of traditional care for your ankle and foot and it hasn’t changed the way you would expect, WE are the place for you! You are meant to be whole. You are designed to be whole. The foot and ankle are your foundation for the whole body and proper function. We have a system that is diagnostic, therapeutic, fast, safe, and effective. We expect miracles with our patients.


Our goals are your Goals.


Our practitioners are the best trained and experienced. If you search our Google reviews, you will find that we are some of the most personal and caring humans out there. We are dedicated to getting you better and Faster. We evaluate each and every muscle and joint for function, immobility, and hyper-mobility. We utilize treatments and methods proven in clinical practice.

We have used these methods in Olympic Games medical care, Pro Rodeo, Pro Soccer, Pro Rugby, and numerous Division I sports programs for both women and men. And we have demonstrated faster healing times, decreased incidence of injury, and increased performance levels in individual athletes.

Our passion is born from personal suffering from our own athletic injuries. Traditional care didn’t offer us much. We have established a system designed for the restoration of muscle and joint function that is hard-hitting and long-lasting, fast, safe, and effective.

Don’t give up on yourself! There is a solution, and we can be the place that gets you back on track. You will walk out feeling the difference on your first visit and, if necessary, subsequent visits are expected to produce miraculous effects.

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