My Love For Hope

By Dr. Keoni Dellermann:

The love of my life, Hope, is taking off shortly to represent the United States in the Women’s Rugby World Cup for her third time. This is the biggest tournament in the world for rugby and only happens every four years. The challenges and excitement that have come to us through the last few years as our lives have completely changed have been incredible to look back on.


We met back in 2019. Instantly I was head over heels for her and knew she was the woman I would marry. One year later we said our vows together during the midst of the Covid-19 shutdown. Since then, we have enjoyed hardships and joy together. She has been training constantly for the past five years preparing for this World Cup, which got delayed one year (again because of the Covid-19 shutdown). Now the World Cup is here, and she is heading down to New Zealand to compete against the best in the world. 


Hope is a spectacular athlete and renowned throughout the world in Women’s rugby. She has played for the USA Olympic 7’s team for three years, won five national championships in college at Penn State, two more national championships with women’s teams, and in her first year of playing professionally in England, helped her team take second place in only their second year in the league. 


What makes Hope even more brilliant, is the woman she is behind the scenes. She cares deeply for each and every one of her teammates. She is an amazing wife and coach. She is genuine to each and every person she meets and will take the time to care for those around her who she sees need it. 


One of my favorite stories is about the day we met. We hadn’t met quite yet, and I was watching her play 7’s rugby. She was crushing it! No one stood a chance against her. Well, about 10 meters away from where I was, she annihilated a girl out of bounds. It was one of those hits that everyone goes “ooooo.” The game continues playing and Hope jumps to her feet, helps up the girl she had just tackled and sent into a different dimension, stares her in the eye with so much care and love, and asks, “Are you ok?”. Hope stays with her for 30 seconds or so and when she knows the girl is fine, she joins the game again. At that moment, I got to see who this woman is: a world-class athlete and a genuine, caring, authentic woman, who plays and lives for something more than herself. 


It was about three days later I saw I was officially head over heels for her, and completely lost in being with this amazing woman. Without her, I would not be the man I am today, the doctor I am today, or the friend I am today. She has transformed me in so many amazing ways, and I have to say “thank you” every day because of all I know she has done for me. 


So, as she heads away to represent her country, I want to share a bit of the amazing Hope Rogers that I have gotten to know and grow with. Join me in cheering and watching her with the online streaming that will be provided. 


She plays against: (times in parentheses are Mountain Daylight time)

  • Italy – on Saturday, October 8 at 17:45 (5:45 pm)
  • Japan – on Friday, October 14 at 22:30 (10:30 pm)
  • Canada – on Saturday, October 22 at 20:15 (8:15 pm)
  • Quarter Final – (Pending on pool play)
  • Semi-Final – (Pending on quarter-finals play)
  • Final – (Pending on semi-finals play)


Let’s go, Beautiful!