Muscle Activation

What is muscle activation and why?

Muscle Activation is an approach to evaluating and treating muscle and joint dysfunction that lead to pain, weakness, vulnerability to injury. We have discovered that muscles inhibit, thus leading to pain weakness, chronic injuries, or breakdown

Muscle inhibition and muscle activation are currently buzz words in the fitness and therapeutic circles and treated in numerous different ways.

The way we evaluate muscle inhibition is unique, precise, and diagnostic.

Muscle inhibition results from “Overload”!

Overload can be from:

  • violent stretch or tear to that muscle/tendon or related ligament attachment

  • lack of conditioning of that muscle or muscle groups respective to the activity

  • inability for the muscle to receive proper nerve input

  • organ and gland imbalances that affect specific muscles

  • nutritional faults

  • acupuncture meridian imbalances

When a muscle is overloaded beyond its ability to handle the stress the muscle will tear and/or inhibit. This inhibition may last days, months, years which leads to inadvertent compensation and thus decreased the stability and efficiency of the body. When the efficiency of the body is affected you get less output and thus increased energy consumption, increased compensation, increased overload, and thus increased rate of breakdown physically, chemically, mentally. People with muscle inhibition probably don’t know they have muscle inhibition which makes it hard to identify. If left long enough you will burn out eventually and everyone’s burnout rate may be different depending on age, health status, conditioning level, and mental/spiritual state of being. 

Muscle inhibition is why people experience chronic pain, weakness, and disability in the same area of the body on a regular basis EVEN when they have had good surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic care, or massage/structural care!!! Whether it is back pain, knee pain, or shoulder pain muscle systems rely on the muscle nerve complex to function at their natural state. If that complex is not 100% (which means totally activated) then they will experience negative symptoms and thus repetitive pain, injury, and even permanent breakdown. 

How we approach this phenomenon is unique. You will undergo a physical exam inclusive of orthopedic tests, spinal evaluation, extremity joint evaluation, and head to toe functional muscle testing to determine your diagnosis. Diagnosis will be both an orthopedic diagnosis as well as a diagnosis of the functional state of your muscles and athletic ability. Where your muscle dysfunction exists will determine the course of care for you.

What is unique about the treatment is it is thorough, fast, effective, and long-lasting. We integrate multiple healing disciplines into one approach that is dedicated to solving muscle inhibition quickly and effectively.

These systems are:

  • muscle origin/insertion work

  • chiropractic care

  • acupuncture meridian work

  • nutritional analysis

  • organ/gland work

  • massage

  • neurovascular/neurolymphatic work

  • cranial work

We do not like to treat the same thing twice so we do everything we can do to make sure all systems are addressed to solve your main complaint.

This approach was developed by Dr. Alan Beardall, a dedicated, wise, inspired, and visionary physician, and is called Clinical Kinesiology or CK. This approach has been added to and rebranded as A.M.I.T. or Advanced Muscle integration Technique by Dr. Craig Buhler. 

PARKER Muscle and Sports Clinic physicians are trained and certified in this approach, and are arguably some of the most qualified, and most trained at executing this approach in the world.

Our approach as a clinic does not stop with muscle activation. By far this is the most important, however, it has become very apparent that muscle not only needs activation but many times need rehabilitation to fully recover and function at their capacity. That is why we have built into our treatment model rehabilitation that is also unique, cutting edge, personalized, and effective. It is not typical physiotherapy This is different and more effective because we have targeted your weak links, re-established their connection and integrity and now we can focus on which movements, ranges of motion, and/or joint systems need the rehabilitation to assist the return of your natural God-given capabilities. What people find is now their rehab actually gets the result it should. It’s a perfect marriage. 

So patients get an accurate diagnosis, care, and treatment to achieve the integrity of the muscle-nerve relationship. Focused personalized rehabilitation to achieve their goals and thus maximal results.